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The Pharmacology section arose in a thesis project "Drug dose adjustment in extracorporeal therapies", up to become a scientific-didactic structure, interfacing research and clinical activity. Its aim is to improve pharmacological treatments in extracorporeal therapies concerning its efficacy and security. Under an experimental profile, there is the development of pharmacokinetics studies through in vitro models preparation. The aim is to mimic the extracorporeal elimination of commonly used drugs in therapeutic settings, in order to be able to take at the "patient's bedside" what it had been previously observed in the laboratory. It collaborates with the Università degli Studi di Padova, Dipartimento di Scienze del Farmaco, about scientific chemical-pharmaceutical perspectives. In particular, out of the performed studies, there are both "Evaluation on kinetics of Teicoplanine Removal by Polysulphone Membranes Kinetic" and the "Evaluation on Kinetics of Glicopeptyde adsorbance by Modificated Cellulose Adsorbent Column", in addition to the "Kinetics of Extracorporeal Removal of Bilirubin Metabolytes".

This section has many partnerships with some regional organizations, such as the l'Ordine dei Farmacisti della provincia di Vicenza and Federfarma, regarding the project "Pharmacy and Arterial Hypertension: Kidney Damage Prevention".

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