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The International Vicenza Courses are renowned educational events gathering experts from allover the wold to constitute an outstanding faculty.

Each course is a milestone in the assessment of the latest information available on hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, critical care nephrology and CRRT.

More than 500 delegates each year join the Vicenza course to receive the updated information from leading world experts of the field.

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  1. 42nd Vicenza Course AKI-CRRT-ECOS and Critical Care Nephrology


The International Renal Research Institute of Vicenza is a site where research meets patient care and education.

Fellows from the world join the research team led by Professor Ronco in a unique environment of friendship and professional experience.

The muldidisciplinary nature of the Institue allows for important interaction and crossfertilization among students and specialists of different disciplines such as biology, engineering, physics, medicine, economics, pharmacology, epidemiology, genetics, technology and statistics.

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IRRIV presents a collection of important documents, books, slide shows and entire courses with video recording, podcasts and possibility to follow entire slide presentations and conferences.
Please browse the educational page to find the most recent educational events and follow our courses and conferences directly on your computer.


Umberto veronesi
Umberto Veronesi

"Sono davvero affascinato oltre che ammirato per la splendida realizzazione e non posso che esprimere i miei più sinceri complimenti e rallegramenti per chi ha generosamente aiutato la nascita d'un centro così qualificato"

Giuseppe Remuzzi

"Grazie Claudio, del privilegio di aver potuto vedere la tua organizzazione, tanti giovani brillanti, tanto entusiasmo, tanta scienza. E la voglia di riuscirci"

Mitchell Rosner

"Claudio, you brought a dream to life and built a place where nephrologists around the world can come together and learn. A true legacy! Best Wishes"

Ching Yan Goh

"Nephrology Department of San Bortolo hospital is a paradise for most of the nephrology and intensivist fellows to learn about critical care and life"