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Scientific Publications

T Reis, GR Ramos de Freitas, F Reis, ML Cascelli de Azevedo, P Dias, DF Figueiredo Santos, RA Vivanco Vergara, L Sgarabotto, E Reis da Silva Filho, C Ronco

Regional Hypertonic Citrate Anticoagulation in Membrane Therapeutic Plasma Exchange: A Case Series
Can J Kidney Health Dis

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MH Rosner, F Husain-Syed, T Reis, C Ronco, R Vanholder

Uremic encephalopathy
Kidney Int

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A Giuliani, D Marturano, V Corradi, C Caprara, M Rigato, M Marcello, F Gastaldon, C Ronco, M Zanella

[Slowing progression of chronic kidney disease in polycistic kidney disease patients with tolvaptan: from guidelines to clinical practice]
G Ital Nefrol

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L Di Lullo, C Lavalle, M Magnocavallo, MV Mariani, DG Della Rocca, P Severino, BR Di Iorio, D Russo, F Summaria, GB Forleo, C Ronco, M Mancone, C Chimenti, F Miraldi, A Natale, A Bellasi

New evidence of direct oral anticoagulation therapy on cardiac valve calcifications, renal preservation and inflammatory modulation
Int J Cardiol

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SL Goldstein, E Vidal, Z Ricci, F Paglialonga, L Peruzzi, M Giordano, N Laforgia, C Ronco

Correction to: Survival of infants treated with CKRT: comparing adapted adult platforms with the Carpediem™
Pediatr Nephrol

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C Mitaka, T Iba, C Ronco

Polymyxin B-Immobilized Fiber Column Direct Hemoperfusion for Micro-Preemie Infants with Septic Shock. Is Extended Duration Better than Early Start? Comment to the Letter to the Editor of Nishizaki and Colleagues
Blood Purif

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