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Scientific Publications

E See, C Ronco, R Bellomo

The future of continuous renal replacement therapy
Semin Dial

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I Godi, A Lorenzin, S De Rosa, G Golino, M Knust, A Gaspar, A Sandini, F Fiorin, M de Cal, P Navalesi, C Ronco

Vancomycin Adsorption During in vitro Model of Hemoperfusion with HA380 Cartridge

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ME Broman, JL Vincent, C Ronco, F Hansson, M Bell

The Relationship Between Heart Rate and Body Temperature in Critically Ill Patients
Crit Care Med

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R Bellomo, I Baldwin, C Ronco, JA Kellum

ICU-Based Renal Replacement Therapy
Crit Care Med

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C Ronco et al.

Selected Abstracts from the 38th Vicenza Course on AKI & CRRT
Blood Purif

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F Martino, G Amici, M Rosner, C Ronco, G Novara

Gadolinium-Based Contrast Media Nephrotoxicity in Kidney Impairment: The Physio-Pathological Conditions for the Perfect Murder
J Clin Med

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