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Giuseppe Roi Center

The Medical Culture Center “Giuseppe Roi” arose thanks to the will of preserving and studying medical perspectives regarding Ethics, Culture and Humanism. It is a real circle of debate, deep analysis and cultural exchanges, in which Medicine compares and intersects herself with philosophies, arts and general culture.
Its aim is making medical knowledge progress less impassive and standardized, but especially characterizing it with feelings of empathies, solidarity, esthetics and attachment towards the patient.
The center activity, dynamic and always innovative, is intended to avoid technicality to become substitutive and not integrative of medical knowledge, as well as to rediscover and strengthen, rather than to overpower, the doctor-patient relationship.
The Medical Culture Center is located in the IRRIV multimedia hall, whose realization was financed by the  Giuseppe Roi Foundation. It was inaugurated on the 5th of June 2012, in the presence of the Professor Umberto Veronesi, together with many authorities.
The Medical Culture Center, in addition to the previously listed purposes, couples and sustains the no-profit association“ Associazione Amici del Rene di Vicenza onlus” in support of voluntary works and researches through fund raising and charity events.


I Edizione Premio di Cultura Medica 2012

I Award of Medical Culture to Prof Umberto Veronesi
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I Edizione Premio di Cultura Medica 2012

II Edizione Premio di Cultura Medica 2014

II Award of Medical Culture to Prof Giuseppe Remuzzi
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II Edizione Premio di Cultura Medica 2014