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30th Anniversary International Vicenza Course on Peritoneal Dialysis

30th Anniversary International Vicenza Course on Peritoneal Dialysis online

Watch the congress online in ISN Education website
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C. Ronco, M.H. Rosner, C. Crepaldi: Peritoneal Dialysis - State-of-the-Art 2012. Karger, Basel, 2012
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Amerling Richard - USA
Bakris George - USA
Bover Jordi - Spain
Brown Edwina - UK
Burkart John - USA
Capasso Giovambattista - Italy
Correa-Rotter Ricardo - Mexico
Cozzolino Mario - Italy
Crepaldi Carlo - Italy
Devuyst Olivier - Switzerland
Divino Jose - Sweden
Feriani Mariano - Italy
Finkelstein Fredric - USA
Garosi Guido - Italy
Goldsmith David - UK
Greenwood Roger - UK
Heimburger Olof - Sweden
Joerres Achim - Germany
Krediet Raymond - Netherlands
Lameire Norbert - Belgium
Levin Nathan - USA
Liu Zhi-Hong - China
Locatelli Francesco - Italy
Martino Francesca K - Italy
Mehrotra Rajnish - USA
Messa Piergiorgio - Italy
Misra Madhukar - USA
Mooney Andrew - UK
Nayak Shivanand - India
Perez Fontan Miguel - Spain
Piraino Beth - USA
Remuzzi Giuseppe - Italy
Riella Miguel C. - Brazil
Rippe Bengt - Sweden
Rodrigues Anabela - Portugal
Ronco Claudio - Italy
Rosner Mitchell - USA
Ryckelynck Jean Philippe - France
Schreiber Martin - USA
Stenvinkel Peter - Sweden
Struijk Dirk - Netherlands
Teitelbaum Isaac - USA
Teixido Josep - Spain
Van Biesen Wim - Belgium
Vanholder Raymond - Belgium
Verger Christian - France
Verrina Enrico Eugenio - Italy
Warnock David - USA
Witowski Janusz - Poland