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15th International Vicenza Course On Peritoneal Dialysis

The International "Vicenza" Award

Norbert Lameire - Belgium


C. Ronco, R. Dell?Aquila, M.P. Rodighiero PERITONEAL DIALYSYS: A CLINICAL UPDATE Karger, Basel, 2006
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Amerling Richard - USA
Bargman Joanne M. - Canada
Cozzolino Mario - Italy
Cancarini Giovanni - Italy
Chiaramonte Stefano - Italy
Davies Simon - USA
Dell’Aquila Roberto - Italy
Durand Pierre Y. - France
Finkelstein Fredric - USA
Flessner Michael - USA
Garosi Guido - Italy
Gotloib Lazaro - Israel
Heimburger Olof - Sweden
Jorres Achim - Germany
Krediet Raymond - The Netherland
Lameire Norbert - Belgium
Leunissen Karel - The Netherland
Levin Nathan - USA
Lo Wai Kei - Hong Kong
Mc Dougall Iain - UK
Nolph Karl D. - USA
Piraino Beth - USA
Ronco Claudio - Italy
Schwenger Vedat - Germany
Stenvinkel Peter - Sweden
Teitelbaum Isaac - USA
Tobe Sheldon - Canada
Twardowsky Zbylut J. - USA
Van Biesen Wim - Belgium
Winchester James - USA