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20th International Vicenza Course on Hemodialysis and CKD

The 20th International Vicenza Course on Hemodialysis and CKD online

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The International "Vicenza" Award

Prof Antonio Santoro


C.Ronco, M.H.Rosner Hemodialysis: NEW METHODS AND FUTURE TECHNOLOGY Karger, Basel, 2011
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Alijama Pedro - Spain
Amerling Richard - USA
Bianchi Stefano - Italy
Bosch Juan - USA
Burkart John - USA
Collins John - Australia
Coppo Rosanna - Italy
Costanzo Maria Rosa - USA
Covic Adrian - Romania
Cozzolino Mario - Italy
Davenport Andrew - UK
De Francisco Angel - Spain
De Zeeuw Dick - The Netherlands
Di Somma Salvatore - Italy
Greenwood Roger - UK
Gura Victor - USA
Hegbrant Jorgen - Sweden
Hoenich Nicholas - UK
House Andrew - Canada
Ikizler Talat - USA
Keane William - USA
Kellum John - USA
Kenley Rod - USA
Kotanko Peter - USA
Kuhlmann Martin - Germany
Levin Nathan - USA
Locatelli Francesco - Italy
Maisel Alan - USA
McCullough Peter - USA
Milburn Alan - UK
Misra Madhukar - USA
Murray Patrick - Ireland
Nalesso Federico - Italy
Nissenson Allen - USA
Okusa Mark - USA
Panichi Vincenzo - Italy
Peacock Franc - USA
Pittiruti Mauro - Italy
Polaschegg Hans-Dietrich - Austria
Rocco Michael - USA
Ronco Claudio - Italy
Rosner Mitchell - USA
Santoro Antonio - Italy
Stefoni Sergio - Italy
Stenvinkel Peter - Sweden
Stopper Andrea - Germany
Warnock David - USA
Von Haehling Stephan - Germany