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The Cellular biology laboratory couples Cellular Biology and Molecular Biology, responding the Institute's requirements concerning the research projects development directed to widen the knowledge about biological and cellular mechanisms involved in renal diseases, sepsis, inflammation, and cellular transformation procedures. Comprehending those procedures involved in diseases pathogenesis studied in our Institute, beyond widening the scientific knowledge, will allow to identify new therapeutic/preventive approaches.

In order to have these projects development, in the laboratory there are both preparation and optimization of cellular systems (such as monocyte, muscular and renal cellular lines), which allow an in vitro mimicking of the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in these diseases pathogenesis and allow to analyze the processes regulating either interactions, or autocrine and paracrine stimulation, or the transformation, or cellular aging, or necrosis and apoptosis processes. The Cellular Biology Laboratory works to improve the pre-clinic translational research in the field of renal diseases, in order to allow to transfer clinical-practice based biological knowledge.

The Institute research activities comprehend the following areas:
- apoptosis and necrosis cellular analysis through different techniques;
- several aspects flow cytometry analysis;
- apoptosis course signal analysis;
- cytokine detection;
- inflammatory pathways study;
- uremic toxins cellular response study;
- cellular differentiation;
- cellular DNA and RNA extraction;
- trascriptome analysis and expression studies.

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