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In the "Rene Policistico" Clinic, the "Renal genetic diseases" laboratory also carries out research activities, which provide for:
- Patients' involvement in clinical trials. As an example, in 2012, the "POLEVER" enrollment, which called for the enrollment of 13 patients, who were in follow-up since 2010;
- Evaluation and determination of early kidney damage biomarkers;
- Polymorphism analysis for complex genetic renal diseases;
- Apoliprotein E polymorphism analysis in patients with cognitive impairment in cooperation with the Neurology Department;
- Genotype-phenotype correlations.

The laboratory uses advanced technologies, like automatic extraction and quantification of nucleic acids, DNA analysis through sequencing (Sanger sequencing), quantitative PCR and High Resolution Melt analysis.

For every molecular study not directly effectuated in our laboratory, we use to collaborate with other national or international centers, by means of sample survey dispatch. This allows uncertain nephropathies or suspected rare illness patients to be diagnosed without the need to move or to be subject to additional expanses.

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