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Scientific activities performed in the International Renal Research Institute (IRRIV) "Bioengineering and machinery control" laboratory concern:

Dialysis monitors project and pre-industrialization support:
- Machineries accordance to international laws and standards;
- New generation standard treatments;
- Usability and useronomic parameters;
- GUI interface and usability simplicity;
- FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis);
- in vitro performed Alfa Trials, simulating an in Vivo treatment criticality;
- in vivo and in vitro performed Beta Trials;
Procedures' drafting for in vivo medical machineries and/or devices applications.

Extracorporeal circulation Pumps: medical comparisons and applications (hemolysis evaluations, energetic efficiency).

Dialysers, Filters and adsorbing cartridges:
- in vivo and in vitro evaluations;
- Clinical applications for extracorporeal treatments with filters of different membranes, cut-off, sieving coefficients, adsorbing power.

Extracorporeal treatments:
- Extracorporeal circuits efficiency evaluation for patients suffering from renal, hepatic, cardiovascular damages;
- Extracorporeal pediatric circuits evaluation and planning.

Planning and experimenting in vitro trials, concerned to projects and research studies in fields such as fluid dynamics, farmacokinetics, chemistry, electrochemistry, physics, having their application in clinical field as the last purpose.

Bioengineering applied phenomenon simulation through computer software.

Clinical and bioingegneristic manuscripts drafting and producting.

Study-protocols ideations and drafting.
Data collection and statistical analysis:
- WEB platforms development ad hoc for multi-center studies data collection;
- Data analysis;
- Statistical analysis.

Trials documentary research to be submitted to ethical committees.

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