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Bharat Thakar

MD,DA, Anaesthesia, Shivaji University,Kolhapur,India was born in Kolhapur India on 11th May1956
Impressioni e commenti
The department of Nephrology is excellent. Every thing is in order.It is not only filled with most modern machines but also with Humans who have greath ospitality, probably running in Italian blood. Prof Ronco himself is bubbling with enthusiasm and energy all the time.. He is easily approachable and absolutely down to earth, which is a very rare phenomenon for a person of his callibre.He has a great gift of appreciating the work done by others. The whole staff is open and freindly,They are ready to discussany number of times. Mrs. Ilaria and Mrs. Anna are very help fuland they have ability to take care of every small problem. I was able to make liberal use of the library and internet. The patients are efficiently looked after by expert nurses. Every body knows what is to be done. ICU and post cardiac ICU are state of art units. I was impressed by the way in which they have been streamlined. I am thank ful to all. I take this opportunity to invite you to India.