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Vijay Karnad


Impressions and comments
I was able to contact Prof Ronco by email. He immediately gave me permission to visit his department. I must say that few of his status respond to emails. After arriving here I found that it is most up to date with equipment, net facility, library and dedicated organised staff working like a well oiled machine. The important feature is that all fellows are allowed to see the patients and equipment freely. I was able to see most procedures. Prof Ronco and Dr Brendolan especially spentvaluable time in sorting out my queries. The friendly atmosphere pervades the whole hospital as experienced it with Dr Piccini and others in the ICUs.The two secretaries, Ilaria and Anna, have been agreat help.They are very sweet,capable and prompt. I would like other friends of mine to visit this beautiful place. I am very grate ful to the whole department for all the love and affection offered to me. I feel it was worth all the effort. Wishing you all the very best in your future life. Finally, I take this opportunity to invite you to my India.