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Dimitris Petras

Dimitris big

Petrasprofile:Dr.Dimitris Petraswas born in Athens in January of 1960. He graduated from the Medical School of the Athens University of Greece in 1987. He is a specialized nephrologistsince 1994 and he is working in the Nephrology department of the general hospital"Hippokratio"of Athens. He is married and he has a son, 12 years old . He isinterested in acute renal failure and in thehemodialysistechniques.

My first impression started from the city of Vicenza. It's a pleasure to live in Vicenza, it is a very clean and tidy town with a lot of green. And thenthehospital : I think that the hospital is the diamond of the city.It is a big, new, very well equipped hospital. Especially the nephrology department is one of the nicest and most complete departments I have ever seen. ProfessorRoncois the heart and the soul of this department. Like a magician can make your day, can change your mood, can make your mind to move. I have really been surprised by his energy, his capabilities and his cleverness. I learned so many things from him and not only in the field of medicine. New techniques,new therapies are applied in this department. Some of them I have read but never seen, others I have never heard of. Professor Roncoknows so well the pathophysiology, so he can use all this knowledge to apply or even to invent new therapeutic strategies for the benefit of his patients. It seems that hisspirit influences all his colleagues. Everyone in this department welcomes you and makes you feel comfort. After the first week you start thinking that you know them for a long time. They are so friendly and kind. They help a lot, so after a small period you feel like one of them. I think that professor Roncois right : "Vicenzais a school of life"