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Emilio Andrikos


Andrikos Emilios

Impressions and comments
The rapid development of technology and her applications and in the medicine, should lead the modern doctor to continuous effort of education. The progress of communications with peak the free access in the internet constitutes a this easy way of achievement of aim.
The follow-up educational and inquiring programs constitutes a alternative proposal in the effort of continuous improvement of doctor's level. Permanence in Vicenza was a pleasant surprise. First able, I realised that the international award of professor Claudio Ronco is not accidental but is owed in the absolute knowledge of cognitive object, the total of Nephrology, but also in his astonishing hard work and perspicacity. At the same time however I realised that it is surrounded by collaborators with the same ideas and faculties. This has as result the operation of Department of Nephrology in highest levels which gives the possibility in visitors as us to use it as example and also the possibility to participate in research programs of particularly pioneer analogous at the better international universities
The time interval that I passed in Vicenza, and because of the hospitality that the city us surrounded, marked my life.