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Maria Ximena Cardona

Ximena big

Was born in Bogotà (Colombia) in 1971.
She graduated from medical school at the Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Senor del Rosario in Bogotà in 1997 and will shortly complete her Nephrology specialization at the University de Antioquia in Medellin.
She partecipated as a visiting fellow at Renal Unit in Vicenza in April and May 2003.

Impressions and comments from Dr. Cardona
I Think That Research Is The Most Important Thing In The Field Of Medicine , In Order To Obtain True Knowledge.
Doctor Ronco is a truly unique person combining a formidable ability to generate ideas that contribute to Medical research with a passion. I have read so many articles written by him, which inspired me to visit his Renal Unit to discover how it is able to generate so much scientific knowledge. That's why I decided to come and to know its working party because I knew that behind a great scientific mind was an excellent support group. And I found more than I imagined. I wanted to know and see everything. I had the opportunity to see patients in hemodialysis, transplantion and peritoneal dialysis. I saw different dialysis techniques which are unavailable in my home country, in acute and chronic patients, all of them at the cutting edge of the technology. I also participated in one of the many research projects which are currently being carried out in the department. I assisted and participated at the 8th International Course of peritoneal dialysis and at a master course of peritoneal dialysis. The conferences were of a high scientific level that made me feel proud to have chosen Vicenza as the center to carry out my international fellowship. But what really impressed me the most was the warm and kind reception that I was given and the wonderful friendships that I made which helped me feel at home. Fellows and Doctors always with a smile on their faces.Finally, I want to thank in particular and individually: Monica, Lidia, Vincenzo, Paola, Valeria - for their daily support, solidarity and patience. Drs. Crepaldi ( Marina, Emma ), Chiaramonte, Dell ' Aquila, Rodighiero, Dissegna, Gastaldon, Brendolan, Bragantini, Milan, Volker, Di Loreto: Thanks for sharing their scientific knowledge, for sharing their families with me. I will never forget it. Thanks to Anna ( Mario and Gaetano), Ilaria, because I found in you peace and love. I feel as if I have known them of all my life. Finally, Thanks Dr. Ronco, Paola and Federico because I found in you, as Dr. Ronco said: " A school for life and not just a Nephrology school. Always offering me friendship, support, counsel, and happiness. " Each time that I eat asparagus I am going to remember you " Special thanks to all the nurses and techs (Pietro and Samuel).
If I would have to say in a word how were these 2 months, I would say: EXCELENTE
Thank to evervbody