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Karl Reiter

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Dr. Karl Reiter was born in Marktoberdorf in Germany on 1960 and graduated at the University of Munich in 1987.
Dr. Reiter is specialist in pediatric intensive care at the Pediatric Intensice Care Unit, University Childrens'Hospital, Munich - Germany.
His main field of interest is sepsis and hemofiltration.
He has been visiting fellow in Los Angeles at the University of Southerns California in 1998 for one month.
He has published 20 papers.

Impressions and comments
Dear Friends,
I came to Vicenza because the Department of Nephrology is a world-known research centre in critically care nephrology. Arriving in September 2001, I was a little bit nervous and I had some predefined goals. The nervosity derived from being a non-Italian-spoken pediatric intensivist (not a nephrologist fluently speaking Italian, caring for adults). This settled on the first day (they are so nice people). My goals were learning more on hemofiltration in sepsis and, when possible, write a publication. They were immediately surpassed by a storm of research projects to do and publish tracing to one room in the first floor (with a computer almost but not quite as fast as him): Dr. Ronco.
I finally was able to write 5 publications; do a presentation at the International APICE congress on new acid¬base concepts in continuous renal replacement therapy, was in charge of a clinical, randomised, interventional study on the use of a specific sorbent in septic patients (which will soon be published adding to the list); did 2 in-vitro-studies; started 1 non-interventional clinical study and initiate another one.
All this was much more than I had imagined and certainly could only be done with the help and always very kind support of all the doctors (especially Alessandra, Carlo, Fiorella, Roberto and Mariapia, Stefano and Daniela and Massimo with Luisa and Pierluigi) and nurses (especially Flaviano and Imerio) in a perfect environment created by Dr. Ronco and Prof. La Greca. And this all joins with the entangling light but powerful spirit of Italian life. I enjoyed it tremendously: it's hard to find another place equalling the Department of Nephrology in Vicenza for doing research in the settixig of excellent atient care.