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Carla Estremadoyro

Carla estremadoyro foto
Being here has been an incredible experience that you must have lived to fully understand.
I want to thank all those who unconditionally helped me to be part of this wonderful project: my beloved parents Ilda and Enrique (I would not be who I am now if it wasn´t for them) and my bosses; J. Pefaur and A. Fiabane. My friend Naty and my dear Marco B.
I want to also thank all those people who welcomed me here in Vicenza, especially I. Tantillo and S. Milan.
In addition, I want to thank Prof Ronco and my dear friends IRRIVIANS for all their support and affection.
Finally, I really appreciate the support given to me by ISN; without this, I would not be able to live this special experience.