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Sérgio Gaião

Segio 20gaiao small

His comments: In the heart of Veneto Region of Italy there is a small city where big changes in Nephrology happen. How is it possible? First, the secretaries help you in all tricks/papers that you need to know to be well installed and comfortable; they incredible float between an exemplar professionalism and a friendly reception. Second, the Nephrology Department is very well equipped and most of the new equipment, even prototypes ones, are easily accessible. Third, the International Renal Research Institute of Vicenza opens your eyes for the research and turn your research's wishes possible with a brilliant leadership whose name is Dinna Cruz Fourth, the ambient is excellent between local workers and fellows of other countries, always keeping you excited. Finally, whole orchestra is conducted by a maestro that is always some steps before your thoughts, in work and in life, making Vicenza not only a school of Medicine but a school of life. It was a great pleasure to work and be taught by such a place.