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Manish Kaushik

Manish kaushik big

My experience in IRRIV has been most rewarding. IRRIV has educated me in important lessons in critical care nephrology and has moulded me into a better researcher and physician. IRRIV is also an intersection of nephrology from all parts of the world. During my stay, I have worked and built strong relationships with nephrologits, intensivists and biomedical personnel from Italy and also from many other parts of the world. Working with Professor Ronco, has been an inspiration. Learning from his tireless dedication, unwavering focus, strict discipline, unparalled vision and outstanding management skills, maintaining the human touch all along, has been a bonus "fellowship in leadership". In addition, the opportunity to live a different culture, speak a new language and appreciate the absolute beauty of Italy and Europe has enriched me as a person. The only sad part of my fellowship is, it has a finish date. Truly, IRRIV is not just a school of nephrology ? it is a school of life.