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Ilona Bobek

Ilona bobek big
Her comments: How Vicenza changed my life
When you are an adult you don't think a scholarship is going to change your life, even if you have been working in your profession for decades.
In a very special moment of my life it was an unexpected present to be a fellow in Vicenza, to be the member of the Vicenza team.
After 10 years of following Professor Ronco's work, and also attending his Vicenza Courses I finally got the opportunity to work closely with him. Professor Ronco is a man who does not know the word impossibile and is somehow able to be both a realistic researcher and a dreamer at the same time, which was uplifting for all of us around him. He showed that his talent and personality could influence the whole medical world.
The members of his department, especially the laboratory team members, created a close family atmosphere, but we also experienced a whole world because of it's international characteristics. Never in my life did I imagine making so many international friendships. I have learnt to trust all of them. Due to my speciality as an intensivist it gave me an extra gift to also work with the collegues at the intensive care unit. And, of course, things got better for me when my Italian improved.
As a Hungarian, adapting myself to North Italy was easy because of the close historical and cultural links of the two countries. I am always struck by how Italy is a country of bright colours, fine cuisine, and cheerful music. The whole country is full of an optimistic vitality.
In a quiet city like Vicenza, I met the whole scientific world through Professor Ronco and his team, which basically changed my life.