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Ligia Costa Battaini

Ligia costa battaini big

When I decided to come to Vicenza, I expected to find an extremely advanced Nephrology center, new technologies, refreshing research ideas and so on. I was willing to learn a lot, including how to make a good scientif research and meet doctors I only knew from the articles. During these few weeks I could see all that, I had the chance to learn a lot, understand more and also, become a better doctor. And I was happy with that.
But besides all that, what really surprised me was the friendly environment and the team spirit that guides everyone here to make their best work. I could feel it from day one.
Many thanks to Professor Ronco and his amazing charisma and capacity of leading a group of people from everywhere to the same direction, it was challenging and great to be part of it. I leave San Bortolo as a better doctor, better person and with a new horizon thanks to all of you.
Grazie mille.
Buona vitta a tutti , Ligia