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Ching Yan Goh

Goh ching yan big

Dr. Goh Ching Yan was born in Selangor, Malaysia in July 1973.
She graduated from MAHE, Manipal , India in 1996. She had passed her MRCP (UK) degree in 2003. She has worked as a Nephrologist since 2007.
She is interested in Critical Care Nephrology .

First, I would like to say many thanks to Professor Ronco and his team members.
Thank you for all the guidance as well as the helps that they had given to me during my 1 year stay in Vicenza.

This is a very special year for me.
A year full of new challenges and a year away from my dearest family. And now, I am a new person compared to 1 year ago.

As Professor Ronco has always said, we have to learnt not only about Nephrology but also the life. In Vicenza, I have learnt about CardioRenal Syndrome, High volume hemofiltration, medical statistics, meta-analysis, biomarkers, DECAP, URINFO, endnote , vibratory mechanism in hemodialysis and so on... ...

But most importantly, I have learnt how to cook Italian foods, I have enjoyed a lot of Italian 'Dolces', 'Gelato', and the famous Italian coffees. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have become a coffee dependent person now.

Once again, I would like to express my thanks to all of you.