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Yuan Fahuan
P. R. China

Yuan fahuan big

Dr. Yuan Fahuan was born in Hubei Province P. R. China on 1stApril 1957. He is Ph D, MD, doctor postgraduate tutor, professor & director of the Department ofNephrology of Xinqiao Hospital of TMMU of China. He is editor of 8 magazines. He is chairman ofChongqing integrated tcm-wm committee of Nephrology. He research interest focused on the toxicnephropathy and renal fibrosis. He has published 110 papers and 3 monographs, and gained 5scientific awards.

Impressions and comments
Vicenza is a small but clean town suiting for living. The hospital and the department ofnephrology are not very big, but well equipped. The people of the town and the hospital arevery kindly and friendly.

I have to say thanks for a lot of helps in working and concerns in living from Pro. Ronco,secretaries, doctors, nurses and fellows of the Department.
My achievement of a half year in the department is having learnt something from you:
Team spirits (all of your staff cooperate harmoniously)
Responsibility spirits (doctors & nurses serve the patients carefully & wholeheartedly)
Exploring spirits (read, think, research and discuss)
Individual principle (provide different schedule for different patients