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Sachin Soni

Soni big
I spent six months in Vicenza from Oct 08 to Apr 09 as a fellow of International Society of Nephrology. I was a bit apprehensive before being there for various reasons, but all those apprehensions were gone in just few days. Prof Ronco is a great, dynamic and extremely enthusiastic person who always strives for excellence. He has a big heart, a great soul and a highly imaginative brain. He has built a great nephrology unit with an efficient team including three wonderful secretaries (Ilaria, Anna and Marta). The unit has a very organized look with an active CAPD, dialysis and transplant programs. Individualised extracorporeal therapies for ESRD and AKI patients is the major attraction for fellows at the centre. The members of the faculty and nursing staff are very knowledgeable and eager to share their expertise.