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Gong Dehua

Gong big

dr. Dehua Gong was born in Hubei Province in September of 1972. He graduated from Nanjing University School of Medicine in 1997. He becomes a specialized nephrologist since 1999 and he is working in the research Institute of Nephrology, Jinling Hospital in Nanjing. He is married and has a son of 4 yrs old. His main interested field includes blood purification techniques and critical care nephrology.

Impressions and comments
This is a world-famous department. I knew the city and the hospital because of this department and Prof. Ronco. Thank Prof. Ronco for kindly accepting my fellowship application, so I have a chance to come to this place to study for 1 yr. This yr will be a most important period in my acedamic life. I like the city, like the hospital, like the people around me, they gave me amountless helps, that gave me a very warm feeling and made me going through the first hard months. Professor Ronco is one person full of talents, full of energy. He is admired by me because he always has a lot of good new ideas, and novel findings, more importantly, he can make his ideas to become true. I think that is the reason the team he leads can get great achievements in nephrological field.