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Sandra Silva

Sandra big

Dr. Sandra Silva was born in Braga, Portugal in 1976. She graduated from the Medical School of the Oporto University in 2001. She is a last year nephrology resident with particular interest in Acute Kidney Injury and extracorporeal techniques.

Impressions and comments
I first knew Professor Ronco in one of the Vicenza Courses where I heard him saying sentences like "The family is back" and "Vicenza is a school of life".
I was only capable of understanding these sentences during my stay at his Department, in 2007. It is an amazing up-to-date unit with an impressive organization, headed by a person with a rare skillfulness, perspicacity and devotion to work, Professor Claudio Ronco.
The rest of the family is composed by a remarkable medical team, nurses, high-quality secretaries and an expert Research Coordinator , Dr. Dinna Cruz, with whom I had the occasion to work with.
At Vicenza, I found so many open doors: the chance of taking part in highly innovative international researches, the opportunity to write and cooperate in publications and namely, the opportunity to work in one of the most outstanding Nephrology centres of the world.