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Mikko Haapio

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Dr. Haapio was born in March 1963, in Espoo, Finland. He graduated from the Medical School of Helsinki in 1992, and became a specialist in Internal Medicine in 2003 and in Nephrology in 2006. Since 2004 he has worked in the Division of Nephrology of Helsinki University Central Hospital, and from 2005 mainly in the Acute Dialysis Unit. His principal area of interest is acute nephrology.

Impressions and Comments
About a half a year before starting my fellowship in Vicenza I met professor Ronco, and discussed expectations for the fellowship. He told me: "Vicenza is more for life than for nephrology". Now, having spent three months in this cosy Italian city, and worked in the Department of Nephrology, I can easily agree with professor' s words.
Working with other fellows in the innovative and inspiring atmosphere created by professor Ronco has been an educational experience for me - both of practice of nephrology in Italy as well as of scientific work.
We have come up with many intriguing ideas, for which study protocolls have been written, and new trials are about to start. And as the time here goes so fast, some of the trials will extend over our fellowship period. I gratefully acknowledge that the fellowship in Vicenza has given me the chance of working with excellent colleagues, and I hope to continue our mutual work even in the time of "post-fellowship".