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40th Vicenza Course on AKI&CRRT - Special edition

 We made it! We reached the 40th anniversary of the International Vicenza Course on AKI and CRRT. it is our intention to organize a memorable event in line with our tradition but also featuring some innovation. The pandemic and the changes occurred in the world in the last two years made us think of new pathways to offer innovative and effective education through our well-established course. On one side, we want to go back to the origins creating a true educational course in presence making the interaction with the faculty intense, productive and really useful for the audience. For this reason, we plan the event in presence with all faculty members physically attending the sessions and a limited lucky group of participants who will register for full physical attendance. On the other side, we need to meet the expectations and needs of several members of the scientific community, doctors and nurses, that are unable to travel to Italy and therefore can only attend the meeting remotely. Thus, the structure of the program will consist in a series of morning sessions (in presence only) and a series of online scientific sessions in the afternoon. In presence morning sessions are reserved to a restricted number of attendees who will travel to Vicenza and register for the full meeting (closed number, first come first serve until available space is filled and closed number is reached). These sessions are particularly designed to enable the attendees to deeply interact with the faculty and to explore in depth the topic of the lectures. Afternoon sessions will be designed to create live executive summaries by the same faculty members of the formal lectures and discussion held in the morning, bringing to the vast virtual audience the essence of the concepts and the scientific content. In every session, gender equality for the faculty is guaranteed.  Given the hybrid nature of the meeting and the double educational mode offered, the registration fee will be different for the attendees registering in the two modalities (in presence = closed number, virtual mode = unlimited number of attendees). The scientific program will be integrated by industry sponsored symposia, meet the expert sessions and short presentations. As usual, the content of the presentations and the recording of symposia and scientific sessions will be made available on demand on the IRRIV web site. We feel that, given the current circumstances we have come up with the best compromise possible to adequately celebrate 40 years of science and education in Vicenza and to render the latest research and information accessible to everyone who wish to attend our traditional course. Attending in presence will be an unforgettable experience but attending virtually will be rewarding as well in terms of gathering the most advanced information and knowledge in the field of acute kidney injury, sepsis, CRRT for renal and non renal indications and blood purification technology at large.
Great Location!!   Great Scientific Content!!   Outstanding Faculty in presence!!  Great Event!!


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40 Vicenza Course Program

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