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36th Vicenza Course on AKI & CRRT

AKI in ICU - M. Joannidis

AKI in Cardiac Surgery - F. Husain-Syed

AKI in Onco-hematology - M. Rosner

AKI in intoxications - F. Ferrari

Clinical case presentation - R. Bellomo

Clinical case presentation - J. Kellum

Contrast Induced AKI - C. Ronco

History of CRRT - C. Ronco

History of CRRT - C. Ronco

Vascular Access for CRRT - R. Bellomo

Vascular Access for CRRT - R. Bellomo

Anticoagulation in CRRT - R.L. Mehta

Anticoagulation in CRRT - R.L. Mehta

Membranes for CRRT - W. Clark

CRRT Modalities - T. Rimmelé

Acute, Severe Hyponatremia in the ICU - M. Rosner

Mitochondrial therapy for kidney injury - A. Bajwa

New and Emerging Nephrotoxins - J. King

Extracellular vesicles in AKI and repair - U. Erdbrügger

PRESERVE trial - P. Palevsky

SMART and SALT-ED trial - A. Shaw

DoReMiFa - M. Ostermann

AKI and Angiotensin II - R. Bellomo

The AM Pharma trial results - J. Kellum

Patterns of renal recovery after AKI - J. Kellum

Renal Functional Reserve before and after AKI - F. Husain-Syed

CT Surgery (ADQI 20) - A. Shaw

ECOS and Artificial Organ Interaction - C. Ronco

Real time GFR - A. Shaw

Electronic Decision support - K. Kashani

KDIGO-Bundles and NRRT for AKI - A. Zarbock

NINJA (Drug-associated AKI) - S. Goldstein

Pathophysiology of lung-kidney interactions - F. Husain-Syed

Artificial organ interaction - Z. Ricci

Heart - Kidney Interaction - C. Ronco

Emerging Cardio-renal biomarkers - A.T. Whaley-Connell

Managing hyperkalemia in CR patients - L. Di Lullo

Cardio-renal endpoints in clinical trials - A. Kazory

Sepsis in 2018 - J. Kellum

General management of the septic patient | M. Ostermann

Extracorporeal Therapies in Sepsis - T. Rimmelé

Sorbents in Sepsis and septic shock - C. Ronco

Biomarkers of Acute Kidney Injury - K. Kashani

Routine adoption of AKI biomarkers - C. Ronco

Biomarkers for clinical trials - J. Kellum

Biomarkers of progression to CKD - G. Grandaliano

June 12 - 14, 2018