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36th Vicenza Course on AKI & CRRT

History of CRRT - C. Ronco

Vascular Access for CRRT - R. Bellomo

Anticoagulation in CRRT - R.L. Mehta

Mechanisms of solute and water transport - C. Ronco

CRRT fluid balance and composition - M. Ostermann

Clinical Indications for CRRT - R.L. Mehta

Timing of initiation of CRRT - S. Bagshaw

How to prescribe CRRT - C. Ronco

Choice of CRRT Modality - R. Bellomo

TIMING of RRT trials: where are we now? - S. Bagshaw

Acid Base and Electrolyte correction - Q. Qian

Managing nutrition in CRRT patients - P. Honoré

CRRT Discontinuation: When and how? - S. Bagshaw

Pediatric AKI: Epidemiology and Outcomes - S. Sutherland

AKI in Neonates: Epidemiology and Outcomes - D.J. Askenazi

Acute RRT in the Pediatric Setting - Z. Ricci

Moving Forward with AKI Treatment in Children: Risk Stratification and Biomarker Integration to Direct Care - S. Goldstein

Precision medicine and Critical Care Nephrology | J. Kellum

Tolerance: a host-specific protective mechanism in sepsis induced AKI? - H. Gomez Danies

Precision medicine and CRRT - P. Palevsky

Precision fluid balance: The role of net UF intensity - R. Murugan

Dose prescription in CRRT - S. Goldstein

Dose delivery versus dose prescription - P. Palevsky

Torna alle modificheEnsuring accurate fluid balance - R. Murugan

Treatment monitoring and data collection - M. Bell

10 False Beliefs - Z. Ricci

Preserving circuit patency - I. Baldwin

Membrane and Filter related problems - W. Clark

Clinical complications and management - O. Joannes-Boyau

High volume HF: still indicated? - P. Honoré

Coupled Plasma Filtration Adsorption - V. Cantaluppi

High Cut off Membranes - S. Romagnoli

Polymixin-B hemoperfusion - M. Antonelli

Adsorption Techniques - G. Ankawi

The hemopurifier: state of the art - S. Büttner

Ultrafiltration for heart failure - A. Kazory

Apheresis in acute patients - D.J. Askenazi

June 12 - 14, 2018