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42nd Vicenza Course AKI-CRRT-ECOS and Critical Care Nephrology

Welcome to the 42nd edition of the International Vicenza Course. In the 2024 edition of the course, special attention will be placed on the new developments in the areas of technology, pharmacology, clinical trials and consensus definitions in critical care nephrology and related therapies. The scope of the course will be to offer the most updated information on scientific advances and breakthrough technologies, together with basic concepts and practical hands-on instructions for beginners and advanced users. The final intent is to improve knowledge and skills in the area of Acute Kidney Injury and related diagnostic procedures and therapeutic strategies including new pharmacological options and new extracorporeal therapies. For this reason, this is a real course and not a simple congress or meeting. We will maintain the structure that over the years has demonstrated to be useful for the audience and excellent in facilitating contacts among specialists and experts of the field. The structure of the program will consist in a series of sessions designed to enable the attendees to explore in depth the topics where new evidence exists.  The scientific program will be integrated by industry sponsored symposia, meet the expert sessions and short presentations in the traditional space dedicated to the industry-academic alliance. The course will take place in the Fiera (VICC) Convention Center in Vicenza.  Topics related to the multidisciplinary field of critical care nephrology will represent the main content of the course: AKI in different pathological conditions, diagnosis, pathophysiology, prevention and therapeutic strategies; biomarkers and other diagnostic techniques;  Sepsis and related mechanisms including viral, bacterial and other infections; indications and timing for RRT, modalities of RRT, dose and prescription, membranes and sorbents, outcome measures, information communication technology related to healthcare and critical care nephrology, results of the nomenclature and other consensus conferences proposed by ADQI and many other topics. In particular, we will focus on end points for new clinical trials. Last but not least, we will focus this year on healthcare disparities, gender-related issues and green medicine with special attention to sustainable and environment-friendly therapies. The participation to this event will be, as in the past, an unforgettable experience and an exceptional occasion to meet your favorite opinion leaders in the field of critical care nephrology. The city of Vicenza will be happy to accommodate again this fantastic educational event with its culture and architectural beauties. We really hope you will join us in 2024. Mark your calendar and plan a trip to Vicenza.


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