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Scientific Publications

P A McCullough, J Eidt, J Rangaswami, E Lerma, J Tumlin, K Wheelan, N Katz, N E Lepor, K Vijay, S Soman, B Singh, S P McCullough, H B McCullough, A Palazzuoli, G M Ruocco, C Ronco

Urgent Need for Individual Mobile Phone and Institutional Reporting of at Home, Hospitalized, and Intensive Care Unit Cases of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection
Rev Cardiovasc Med. 2020 Mar 30

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B Meijers, P Messa, C Ronco

Safeguarding the Maintenance Hemodialysis Patient Population During the Coronavirus Disease 19 Pandemic
Blood Purif. 2020 Apr 1

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C Ronco, T Reis, S De Rosa

Coronavirus Epidemic and Extracorporeal Therapies in Intensive Care: Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
Blood Purif. 2020 Mar 13

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A Karkar, C Ronco

Prescription of CRRT: A Pathway to Optimize Therapy
Ann Intensive Care. 2020 Mar 6

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L Di Lullo, A Bellasi, E Guastamacchia, V Triggiani, C Ronco, C Lavalle, BR Di Iorio, D Russo, G Cianciolo, G La Manna, S Settembrini

Glifozines and cardio-renal outcomes
Minerva Cardioangiol. 2020 Feb 20

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S De Rosa, G Golino, C Ronco

Extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal in heart-beating donor with acute severe asthma: A case report
Respir Med Case Rep. 2020 Jan 28

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