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Scientific Publications

M Dufies, O Grytsai, C Ronco, O Camara, D Ambrosetti, A Hagege, J Parola, L Mateo, M Ayrault, S Giuliano, R Grépin, N Lagarde, M Montes, P Auberger, L Demange, R Benhida, G Pagès

New CXCR1/CXCR2 inhibitors represent an effective treatment for kidney or head and neck cancers sensitive or refractory to reference treatments.
Theranostics. 2019 Jul 9;9(18):5332-5346.

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A Douvris, K Zeid, S Hiremath, SM Bagshaw, R Wald, W Beaubien-Souligny, J Kong, C Ronco, EG Clark

Mechanisms for hemodynamic instability related to renal replacement therapy: a narrative review.
Intensive Care Med. 2019 Aug 12.

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S De Rosa, G Villa, C Ronco

he golden hour of polymyxin B hemoperfusion in endotoxic shock: The basis for sequential extracorporeal therapy in sepsis.
T Artif Organs. 2019 Aug 6.

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F Husain-Syed, MH Rosner, C Ronco

Distant organ dysfunction in acute kidney injury.
Acta Physiol (Oxf). 2019 Aug 5

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OG Rewa, A Tolwani, T Mottes, LA Juncos, C Ronco, K Kashani, M Rosner, M Haase, J Kellum, SM Bagshaw; ADQI Consensus Meeting Members on behalf of ADQI XXII.

Quality of care and safety measures of acute renal replacement therapy: Workgroup statements from the 22nd acute disease quality initiative (ADQI) consensus conference.
J Crit Care. 2019 Jul 5;54:52-57.

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X Sheng, J Yang, G Yu, Y Fei, H Bao, J Yin, W Huang, Z Tian, N Wang, C Ronco

Procalcitonin and N-Terminal Pro-B-Type Natriuretic Peptide for Prognosis in Septic Acute Kidney Injury Patients Receiving Renal Replacement Therapy.
Blood Purif. 2019 Jul 16:1-10.

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