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33rd Vicenza Course on Critical Care Nephrology

The Vicenza International Courses are well renewed scientific events held in the city of Andrea Palladio. Starting in 1982, International Vicenza Courses have been held regularly featuring an outstanding faculty and gathering participants from numerous countries. The themes of Critical Care Nephrology, Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis have been discussed with a 3 years rotation, leading to the most comprehensive review in the specific areas of practice and research. The 2015 edition of the course is dedicated to a compendium of lectures on Critical Care Nephrology.
We hope that a large number of delegates will join this important event which is becoming a classic appointment for the experts and the physicians who want to receive updated information in the field of Critical Care Nephrology and its management. Members from the industry are also invited to join the event reserving booths and spaces in the exhibition area and participating in the organization of satellite symposia.

                                                                                                                                  Dr. Prof. Claudio Ronco



CONGRESS PRESIDENT                                                SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE    

Prof. Claudio Ronco - Vicenza, Italy                           Prof. Rinaldo Bellomo - Melbourne, Australia

                                                                                         Prof. Stuart Goldstein - Houston, USA

                                                                                         Prof. John Kellum - Pittsburgh, USA

Scientific Program

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