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35th Vicenza Course on AKI & CRRT

Welcome to the 35th edition of the International Vicenza Course on Acute Kidney Injury and Continuous Renal Replacement Therapies. 35 years, what a long journey. We started with the idea of offering an updated course on the most important advances in the area of nephrology, critical care, cardiology and cardiac surgery. The course, after 35 years stands in perfect shape maintaining the same mission and its multidisciplinary nature. For this reason, the faculty is composed of more than 50 experts in the field coming from different disciplines and representing the top scientists and investigators of current literature. The scientific program of the course features sessions on epidemiology of AKI in different areas of medicine, organ interaction (Hear and kidney, lung and kidney and others) and complex syndromes, severe electrolyte and acid base imbalances and their correction with special emphasis on hyponatremia,  sepsis and multiple organ dysfunction syndromes. We specifically concentrated on new diagnostic tools including real time GFR measurement, kidney stress tests and new biomarkers for identification of patients at risk in different settings. New technologies for renal replacement therapy and other extracorporeal organ support techniques are also discussed in the attempt to learn from recent trials when and how to apply them in the critically ill patient. Recent consensus statements report a new research agenda, generated to prompt investigators to undertake specific studies and possible pragmatic trials. Precision medicine is discussed in light of the multiple spectrum of AKI syndromes and treatment personalization is part of the academic discussion in the course. The entire faculty will focus on the process of renal recovery and kidney tissue repair from acute injury with new insights from the recent ADQI consensus on Acute Kidney Disease.   The most recent trials on CRRT and specific  characteristics offered by new machines are presented. We discuss the use of extracorporeal therapies not only as a renal support, but also as a treatment strategy for sepsis (adsorption of endotoxin, adsorption of cytokines, removal of viral particles etc), extracorporeal lung support and removal of CO2 and use of CRRT in combination with ECMO, removal of toxins in case of liver failure and management of AKI and oliguria in pediatric settings. New pharmacological approaches to particular syndromes such as hemolytic uremic syndrome, hyperkalemia, hyponatremia and other disorders are presented and integrated in the overall discussion concerning critical illness.

Do not miss the opportunity to discuss with your peers and the most experienced colleagues and experts the recent advances and the basic information in critical care nephrology. For 35 years we have been your partner in education and science. Please continue to support us in our effort for a better patient care.


                                                                                                                                                                                     Dr. Prof. Claudio Ronco



CONGRESS PRESIDENT                                              SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE    

Prof. Claudio Ronco - Vicenza, Italy                         Prof. Rinaldo Bellomo - Melbourne, Australia

                                                                                       Dr. Alessandra Brendolan - Vicenza, Italy

                                                                                       Prof. John Kellum - Pittsburgh, USA                                         

                                                                                       Dr. Zaccaria Ricci - Rome, Italy

                                                                                       Prof. Mitra Nadim - California, USA

Program Overview