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World Conference On Portable-Wearable And Miniaturized Systems For Dialysis And Ultrafiltration

The International "Vicenza-ISHD" Award for Dialysis Technology

Prof. H.D. Polaschegg


Bourquelot Pierre - France
Brady Peter - UK
Cerutti Sergio - Italy
Cruz Dinna - Italy
Davenport Andrew - UK
Falkenhagen Dieter - Austria
Fissell William - USA
Greenwood Roger - UK
Gura Victor - USA
Hoenich Nicholas - UK
Hutton John - UK
Lande' Arnold J - UK
Leonard Edwards F - USA
Lindsay Robert - Canada
Matheis Georg - Germany
Metra Marco - Italy
Misra Madhukar - USA
Nalesso Federico - Italy
Polaschegg Hans-Dietrich - Austria
Rana Devinder Singh - UK
Roberts Martin - USA
Ronco Claudio - Italy
Rosner Mitchell - USA
Simonis Frank - USA